Project No 1

Purpose of the Project

The main goal of the platform being built is to improve the efficiency and mobility of electric vehicle fleets of all segments and individual customers. The main assumptions in achieving the goal are: optimization of management, increasing efficiency, reducing operating costs, improving driver safety, maximizing the use of the electric vehicle fleet of all segments. 

Description of the solution

EV Fleet is an IT solution specially designed for the needs of our clients. It allows you to build and develop your own brand, an example of which is prototyping new services. EV Fleet will provide complete, universal and flexible software as well as technological and technical support at the operational stage.

The biggest advantage of the EV Fleet platform will be the ability to build an unlimited number of business models with our Partners.

Project No 2

Purpose of the Project

The aim of the acceleration project and implementation pilot was to design and validate a new model of goods distribution while maintaining a passive / cold supply chain (Passive Cold Chain) implemented with the use of a specialized electric car delivering in the e-commerce channel. 

Description of the solution

As part of the acceleration program, a new service for the distribution / supply of food products (Carrefour Sprint) was created, carried out by a small electric car EIDOLA Cargo IoT, equipped with a specialized body and containers using RFID technology with the functionality of identifying orders and temperature control (Cold Chain) ). This will enable Carrefour Company in the future for partial / complete automated control of product parameters in the online sales channel and the digitization of logistics processes.

Program akceleracji – Pilot Maker Elektro ScaleUp „ współfinansowany jest ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020, Osi priorytetowej II: Wsparcie otoczenia i potencjału przedsiębiorstw do prowadzenia działalności B+R+I, Działania 2.4 Współpraca w ramach krajowego systemu innowacji, Poddziałania 2.4.1 Centrum analiz i pilotaży nowych instrumentów inno_LAB Pilotaż „Elektro ScaleUp”.