CWS Automotive – the new EV Fleet brand with background history

EV Fleet creates a new business unit called CWS Automotive, whose main goal is to design the means of transport of the future. Its name was inspired by the technical thought of the pre-war Central Car Workshops. The first project of CWS Automotive is the electrically powered E1 platform, on which the EV Fleet ED 1 mini-truck will be built.

CWS Automotive brand by EV Fleet refers with its name and vision of vehicle design to the pre-war technical thought of Polish engineers associated with the Central Car Workshops. Its essence is to create universal, easy to implement, flexible and effective solutions for the needs of modern means of transport. The CWS flagship vehicle, created in the 1920s, was built with as few parts as possible and could be disassembled and reassembled with just one key. At the same time, the CWS T1 was universal enough to serve as a base for military and passenger vehicles, as well as vans and ambulances. – Today, transport faces many challenges, requiring solutions that are as effective and simple as possible, and at the same time flexible. This is why this historic, visionary philosophy of vehicle construction now finds a sympathetic ear. And it is precisely this that underlies the CWS Automotive brand – says Daniel Węgrzynek, president of EV Fleet.

CWS Automotive’s first creation is the E1 platform with electric drive, which can form the basis of many vehicles. It has been designed so that each variant of the vehicle can be created without interfering with itself. At the beginning, the city mini-truck ED 1 under the EV Fleet brand will be created on its basis. The versatility of the platform, however, allows for the creation of other variants depending on the transport needs.

The CWS Automotive design team works at the EV Fleet Engineering Center in Mielec, where there is a design office and a prototype workshop. For the needs of design and subsequent production, EV Fleet has also started cooperation with many industry partners.

– Our advantage is flexibility, awareness of changes taking place in transport in the world, the ability to quickly react to them and technical knowledge. At EV Fleet, we want to completely change city transport, create one of the best systems in this field in the world, and we have all the data to do it – says Daniel Węgrzynek. – Our E1 platform designed by CWS Automotive is the first building block of this system. A prototype of the vehicle built on it will see the light of day next year and its trial production will be started.


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