EV Fleet opens its own Engineering Center

On 1st of June EV Fleet officially opened its first Engineering Center on the grounds of New Technologies Incubator IN-TECH 2 in Mielec, facility belonging to Regional Development Agency MARR SA. Furthermore, it’s also going to be the home of our Production Space for upcoming projects created by EV Fleet R&D department.

EV Fleet Engineering Center, established in IN-TECH 2 facility this June, is the effect of collaboration with Regional Development Agency MARR SA. Consequently, EV Fleet acquired 60 m2 of office space in conjunction with production facility opening in August. Beginning this fall our first innovative vehicle prototype for logistics use is going to be created and then its test production will follow.

– As a Business Environment Institution, we create favorable conditions for development and try to ensure that the support offered to SMEs is comprehensive – says Łukasz Gajdowski, Vice President of the Regional Development Agency MARR SA in Mielec. – We offer, among others the possibility of renting office and production space on preferential terms, capital offered by the Loan Fund, subsidies for training to improve employee qualifications, support for startups. We also work with DPS Software, which offers 3D design software. Currently, EV Fleet has joined our business community, developing an Engineering Center and a research department in our incubators. We are pleased with the innovation and interesting solutions offered by EV Fleet. They create potential for cooperation, especially in the area of smart city and innovation.

Objective : new model of urban transport

The priority of EV Fleet is to create a breakthrough model of transport, based on innovative vehicles, equipped with the latest solutions, systems and technologies.

– This is why we have opened our own Engineering Center in Mielec – says Daniel Węgrzynek. – Thanks to the collaboration with MARR SA, we have an office and a prototype room where innovative solutions will be developed. Later this year, we plan to hire ten engineers who will work on one of the best systems – SOLIDWORKS, provided by DPS Software, MARR’s partner.

This is possible thanks to the contract that EV Fleet signed with DPS Software, a partner of the agency in Mielec, within the framework of cooperation with MARR SA.

– The costs of specialized IT tools, including CAD / CAM / CAE / PDM / ERP systems, account for a large financial burden for an entrepreneur in the initial stage of business development and are often an insurmountable obstacle – says Paweł Dziadosz, president of DPS Software. – That is why we provide Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS not only to mature enterprises that have been present on the market for many years, but also to startups. We offer free use of the latest versions of the software for a minimum period of one year. Thanks to this, the barrier of access to the necessary tools by creative engineers is eliminated and thus they can focus on the implementation of their innovative projects. Collaboration with Regional Development Agency MARR SA in Mielec allowed us to reach a wider group of people interested in this type of support and has already resulted in a partnership with a young and dynamically developing company EV Fleet. This startup is an excellent example of how fast young enterprises can operate, where decision-making is not limited by procedures, and where flexibility combined with an innovative idea is a strong prerequisite for achieving market advantage. I am glad that as DPS Software we can participate in the technological development of Polish enterprises from the stage of startup incubation to supporting dynamic organizations. I am convinced that thanks to this, we will soon see many innovative and revolutionary solutions not only on a national but also global scale.

As Daniel Węgrzynek emphasizes, time matters and the development in the field of technologies for city logistics is gaining momentum. – The implementation of new technological and IT solutions in the area of urban transport is a huge challenge today – says the CEO of EV Fleet. – Both the design and implementation process is faster and more fluid. Concepts with a specific shape, technical and technological parameters can be implemented almost immediately. Primarily they should be well defined from the beginning. This is the responsibility of our R&D department, whose role is to implement solutions that enable the automation of transport processes. At EV Fleet, we design a completely new model of transport: fully automated, cross-linked and digitized.

The Engineering Center of EV Fleet will work for the needs of its own projects, but also for external clients from the automotive industry. By the end of 2022, it plans to hire at least 30 designers and technologists. Consequently, in August prototyping of a new vehicle type will begin, with the trial production following at the turn of the second and third quarter of 2022.


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EV Fleet Sp. z o.o. is a technology company whose goal is to create an enterprise operating on international markets, providing comprehensive solutions in the field of city logistics using transport based on alternative fuels and propulsions. Combining the extensive experience, business and technological knowledge of the team, the company creates new trends in city logistics and fleet management. The innovativeness written in the company’s DNA allows to introduce progress in the field of urban distribution with maximum respect for the natural environment, safety and energy savings in a market economy.