ECO & Fresh Delivery Foods with the innovation award

The ECO & Fresh Delivery Foods service designed by EV Fleet team received the main prize in the competition for an Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production 2020, organized by the Eurologistics Publisher.

The Eurologistics Publisher competition was held for the sixteenth time this year, during the ongoing pandemic, which, according to the organizers, additionally placed such features of competing companies as openness, readiness to change, the ability to adapt to the environment and implement innovative solutions in the center of attention.

“We direct our service to such entrepreneurs, which is why in this context the main award for EV Fleet for the ECO & Fresh Delivery Foods service as the most innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production 2020 makes us all the more satisfied” – says Daniel Węgrzynek, CEO of EV Fleet and co-author of the awarded project.

The main criteria of the competition were: technological evaluation of innovation, evaluation of benefits for customers and market evaluation of the degree of innovation. The assessment also takes into account, i.a, references, opinions of research units or associations, patents and ecological values.

Our on-demand delivery service for the e-grocery sector is based entirely on our own “green fleet” – equipped with an operating system designed for real-time distribution management. This model of transport on-demand – ECO & Fresh Delivery – is the first of its kind service concept in Europe using intelligent supply chains and the Internet of Things. It is intended for the distribution of food products, especially those that require transport at a controlled temperature. The service combines zero-emission transport with advanced logistics solutions, which allows us to increase the efficiency of vehicle use and the number of deliveries, with much lower costs and stress on the environment

The competition jury assessed a total of 23 submitted projects, and its members included independent logistics experts and scientists from the Kozminski University in Warsaw, the Lazarski University, the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Economics in Poznań. The Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production is a competition whose main goal is to promote the best, outstanding products and services that support the work of logistics departments (equipment, devices, technology, IT, means of transport and services for the TSL sector). The competition honors and awards the best solutions – already implemented or those that are to be implemented soon.

The results of the competition have been published in the latest edition of the Eurologistics magazine, which is available online at:



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EV Fleet Sp. z o.o. is a technology company whose goal is to create an enterprise operating on international markets, providing comprehensive solutions in the field of city logistics using transport based on alternative fuels and propulsions. Combining the extensive experience, business and technological knowledge of the team, the company creates new trends in city logistics and fleet management. The innovativeness written in the company’s DNA allows to introduce progress in the field of urban distribution with maximum respect for the natural environment, safety and energy savings in a market economy.