SmartVan IoT among carriers

On June 18, in Krzyżowa near Wrocław, EV Fleet, at the invitation of its partner – allsafe Group – participated in the 10th Meeting of Road Carriers, organized by the Polish Transport Union. During a one-day conference dedicated to, i.a, trendsetting solutions for the logistics industry, we showcased our technology demonstrator – SmartVan IoT, built on the basis of eSprinter.

The presentation was accompanied by a lecture by the representative of the allsafe Group, Wojciech Lech, who presented the solutions such as the MATRIX-3D RFID identification system or SmartPackaging IoT,  used in this innovative vehicle to optimize and build intelligent food supply chains, enabling for the optimal use of cargo space and shortening the delivery time .

Utilizing Internet of Things and the unique construction of the isotherm, divided into two zones and equipped with special containers, the electric SmartVan IoT allows us to reduce the stress on the environment in urban areas, while increasing the efficiency of deliveries for the e-grocery sector.

The presentation in the conference room was accompanied by a short-film screening, following which the participants could see the vehicle itself, which spiked great interest among carriers. Their questions were answered by Daniel Węgrzynek, who also demonstrated the capabilities of the SmartVan. The conference was also an opportunity for us to exchange information about the real needs of suppliers, resulting from their everyday experiences, which will certainly have an inspiring impact on further research and development of EV Fleet.




About the company EV Fleet Sp. z o.o..

EV Fleet Sp. z o.o. is a technology company whose goal is to create an enterprise operating on international markets, providing comprehensive solutions in the field of city logistics using transport based on alternative fuels and propulsions. Combining the extensive experience, business and technological knowledge of the team, the company creates new trends in city logistics and fleet management. The innovativeness written in the company’s DNA allows to introduce progress in the field of urban distribution with maximum respect for the natural environment, safety and energy savings in a market economy.